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22 Inventions That Are Saving the World

We all know that we need to do our part to save the Earth, but the hardest part is knowing where to start. Everyday, it seems like there's a new headline about how humans are destroying the planet. Under...

Plastic-Eating Bacteria Turn Waste Into Useful Materials

Scientists have created a special plastic-eating bacteria, E.coli, that can feed on plastic bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and convert them into adipic acid. This acid is useful in making nylon substances, medicines, and fragrant materials in general. In...

Greek Biologists Create Eco-Friendly Paper From Bacteria

Two young biologists from Greece have created an eco-friendly alternative to paper, made from cultivated bacteria.

Greek Artist Presents Innovative, Eco-Friendly Origami Fashion

A paper dress may not be the right outfit choice for rainy weather, but Greek artist Mirto Dimitriou's signature origami fashion, which includes clothes, jewelry and paper accessories, is not only original but also eco-friendly. The young artist from Thessaloniki...