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Greece Braces for Huge Sahara Sand Cloud

A huge Saharan dust cloud, measuring up to 800 kilometers (500 miles) in length, is moving towards Greece, meteorologists warned on Monday.

Greece Split in Half: Snow in the North, Warm in the South

Greece has been split in half since Saturday in terms of its weather conditions, with snow in the north and warm temperatures in the south.

Breathtaking Scenes as African Sand Turns Snow on Crete Pink

The snow covering the mountains on the Greek island of Crete has created its own unique palette of color, taking on pink and orange hues during the last several days due to southerly winds coming from Africa. The strong winds which blew...

Watch a High-Speed Bike Ride Through Crete's Sandstorm (video)

A wave of dust blown from northern Africa has blanketed the Greek island of Crete, forcing residents to don masks as doctors warn vulnerable people to stay indoors. Blown across by freak weather conditions, the dust has turned Crete into...

African Dust Covers Parts of Cyprus (photos)

Dust has spread to all areas of the island on Friday morning, prompting the labour inspection department to issue more health warnings. According to the Met office, dust levels will be roughly the same at least until Sunday morning, as...