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Drone technology

New Drone Technology Helps Scientists Do the Impossible

Drone technology is reaching new heights helping identify and protect endangered species and plant life. In Greece, Amazon is set to build the first smart hub for drones on Naxos island. The team at the National Tropical Botanical Garden...

NATO Develops Anti-Drone Technology to Counter Asymmetrical Warfare

The North Atlantic Treaty Alliance (NATO) has now developed anti-drone technology as a way to address the asymmetrical warfare -- also using drones -- engaged in by its enemies. NATO scientists are building up a signature database consisting of small...

Israeli Company Leases Maritime Reconaissance Drones to Greece

An Israeli company, Israel Aerospace Industries, is now leasing maritime reconnaissance drones to Greece, which will have an option to buy.

Report Reveals Morocco Set to Buy Turkish Drones

A deal for Morocco's purchase of Turkish drones shows how the market for the drones is expanding, according to a new report.

Canada Cancels Drone Technology Export Permits to Turkey

Canada is canceling its export permits for drone technology to Turkey after drones were used in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.