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The Five Best Crowd-Free Tourist Destinations of Greece

Greece is well known for its thousands of beaches that are tourist magnets, bringing millions of travelers every year to the country.

Five Greek Islands where there are No Cars

Greeks love their cars and they take them everywhere, even to places where they shouldn't, such as in small islands where they are absolutely unnecessary. Yet, there are some islands that don't have roads and they are perfect for...

The Small Cyclades, Precious Little Gems Scattered Across a Glittering Aegean

Follow us on a quick trip to the "Small Cyclades" and enjoy enticing spots by the sea, crystal-clear waters, gorgeous sand beaches, picturesque whitewashed houses and the most beautiful sunsets you will ever experience! Donoussa According to Greek mythology, Donoussa is the island to which Dionysos decided to...

Guardian Praises the Small Cyclades

An extended article-tribute that praises the Greek islands was published on July 12 by the British newspaper, the Guardian, raising Greeks'    hopes to await a much bigger tourism flow this summer. The text seems to mainly focus on the...