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Diogenes: Likely First Person to Give Someone the Finger

The ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes the Cynic was most likely the man who invented "the finger" as an insult. The historian of philosophy Diogenes Laertios wrote that the cynical philosopher Diogenes made the rude gesture to the orator Demosthenes in the...

Was Greek Philosopher Diogenes the Cynic the First Anarchist?

Greek philosopher Diogenes could have been the first anarchist, or the first satirist, or the first naturalist -- depending on the reader's point of view.

Ancient Inscription Touts Benefits of Greek Philosophy of Epicurianism

At a remote site in Turkey, archaeologists recently discovered fragments of the ancient world’s most massive inscription -- and of course, it was in Greek -- touting the benefits of the philosophy of Epicureanism. The inscription, a quote from the Second...

Did Ancient Greeks Enjoy Swimming and Going to the Beach?

Every summer, Greeks flock to the beaches of the Aegean and Ionian seas to swim and get a tan. But did the ancient Greeks enjoy the beach?

Turkish Religious Group Demands Removal of Greek Philosopher Statue

A religious conservative foundation staged a protest in Turkey's Black Sea province of Sinop on Tuesday, demanding to remove a statue of ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes, Turkish news daily Hurriyet reported. The Erbakan Foundation said it was protesting the fact...

It's Easy To Find The Greeks Who Can't Steal Straight

There’s so many scandals in Greece that you need a scorecard to keep them straight and they all involve politicians, businessmen and connected people who thought, often with much justification that either they were too smart to get caught,...