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Ceramic Artwork by Pablo Picasso to Become Digital Asset NFT

Some of the heirs of the great Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, are jumping on the digital bandwagon by selling 1,010 digital art pieces that are representations of one of his ceramic works that has never before been seen publicly. Crypto,...

Cryptocurrency Crime Soars to $14 Billion in 2021

Cryptocurrency crime hit an all-time high in 2021, with an estimated $14 million going to illegal online addresses, according to a blockchain analysis just released by Chainalysis. The amount of illegally-obtained digital currencies represented a 79% increase over the  $7.8...

Is the U.S. Dollar Going Digital?

As the U.S. dollar is entering the crypto age, the U.S. government is considering the tremendous change the digital dollar would bring. According to a Bloomberg report, the guidance will come through three pending reports related to public and private...

John Paulson: Cryptocurrency Will “Eventually Prove to be Worthless”

John Paulson, a billionaire who made his money investing in hedge funds and who predicted the huge housing crash in 2008, says all cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, is inherently "worthless" and "will go to zero." The investor, who was one of...

Crypto Market Hits $2 Trillion Market Cap as Bitcoin Surges

The market value of crypto currency rose back up to $2 trillion this weekend as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to ascend in value. Bitcoin, XRP, Cardano, and Dogecoin all saw significant climbs this past week, with Bitcoin at...

Dutch Family Makes Fortune in Bitcoin After Investing Everything

Didi Haitutu, the head of a Dutch family that sold every single cent it had and bought into Bitcoin in 2017, is now living the high life, having taken advantage of a very risky investment and winning big. Now a...

Amazon Rules Out Possibility of Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Amazon, the American multinational technology company, ruled out recently the possibility of accepting payments with Bitcoin.

London Money Laundering Raid Nets Almost $250 Million in Bitcoin

London's Metropolitan police seized nearly £180 million ($248,993,100) of bitcoin on Tuesday as part of a money laundering investigation.

Facebook to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency, Called “Diem”

Facebook is to launch cryptocurrency Diem as the Covid-19 pandemic forced the world to stay home, and eCommerce transactions increased

Bitcoin Tumbles After Tax Announcement; $200 Billion Wiped Off Market

Bitcoin took a gigantic plunge on Friday, wiping $200 billion off the market as the alternative currency plunged below $50,000.