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Demetrios: The Ancient Greek Who Traveled to England

A man called Demetrios was among the first of the ancient Greeks to have traveled to England more than two millennia ago. Two small copper-alloy tablets almost two thousand years old in the Yorkshire Museum in Central England have provided...

Greek Man in Roman-Era London Used Amulet to Ward Off Plague

A Greek inhabitant of the Roman city of Londinium, lived through the Antonine plague by wearing a scroll with a Greek prayer in the form of rhyming hexameters.

Thessaloniki Celebrates Patron Saint Demetrios on His Feast Day

Hundreds of people gathered on Tuesday at Thessaloniki's fifth-century Church of Saint Demetrios, on the annual feast day of the patron saint of the city. This day also marks the liberation of the venerable Greek city by the Greek Army...

Greek Mosaics Discovered Inside Old Israeli Church

Impressive archaeological finds, including a magnificent mosaic featuring Greek inscriptions, were uncovered in a church some 1,500 years old during Israel Antiquities Authority salvage excavations, prior to the construction of a new neighborhood at Moshav Aluma in southern Israel. The...