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Delta variant

Half of Coronavirus Cases in Greece from Delta Variant

Half of Greece's daily coronavirus cases have been linked to the Delta variant.

WHO Cautions Against Third Coronavirus Booster Shot

WHO officials came out against a third coronavirus booster shot for those who are increasingly worried about the Delta variants.

Coronavirus Cases in Greece on an Upward Trend

Greece’s daily coronavirus cases remained elevated on Wednesday, as 2,938 total cases were recorded across the country.

Greek PM Makes Vaccine Mandatory for Healthcare Workers

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that healthcare workers must accept the coronavirus vaccine as part of a series of measures on Monday.

Pfizer to Begin Trials on Vaccine Against the Coronavirus Delta Variant

Pfizer and BioNTech are developing a booster shot for the company's coronavirus vaccine which would bolster protection from the delta variant of the virus. 

Greece Clamps Down on Venues to Control Rising COVID-19 Infections

Greece announced measures on Tuesday to clamp down on outdoor venues to control infection by younger people, as new coronavirus cases spike.

Steep Rise in Coronavirus Cases in Greece Due to Delta Variant

The delta variant of the coronavirus is likely responsible for the huge increase in daily cases in Greece on Tuesday.

Delta Plus: New Coronavirus Mutation Alarms Global Health Officials

Delta plus , a new variant of the original Delta variation of the coronavirus, has spread around the world. Are our vaccines effective enough?

Delta Variant in Greece Could Spread, Experts Warn

About one-third of the population in Greece is fully inoculated, which experts say that it's not sufficient to beat back the Delta variant.

CDC Official Says Coronavirus Vaccine Booster May Not be Needed

A US CDC official stated on Wednesday that, according to information, there is no need for a booster shot for the coronavirus vaccine.