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Delta variant

US Federal Agency Announces Mandatory Vaccination Rule

The Department of Veterans Affairs became the first federal agency to require its employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine today. The VA has made its mandatory vaccination announcement at a complex new threshold in the pandemic: as more than half...

COVID-19 Hospitalizations Rise in Greece as Struggle with Delta Variant Continues

The newly recorded COVID-19 cases in Greece remained high on Saturday, as the country tries to cope with the spread of the Delta variant. 

Vaccination Rates Improve in US States with Spiking Coronavirus Cases

The vaccination rate in the US is starting to rise in accordance with the soaring rates of infection being observed in some states.

Rapid Spread of Delta Variant in Greece Causes Concern Among Officials

The rapid transmission of the Delta variant of the coronavirus in Greece, particularly among the unvaccinated, is "terrifying."

Covid-19: Unpaid Leave for Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers in Greece

Healthcare workers in Greece who remain unvaccinated against Covid-19 will be put on unpaid leave according to the Greek Health Ministry.

Coronavirus Cases Continue to Rise in Greece on Tuesday

The daily cases of the coronavirus in Greece remained elevated on Tuesday, as 3,565 total cases were recorded across the country.

Over 80% of Covid-19 Cases on Crete From Delta Variant

A 1,834 total cases of Covid-19 were recorded across Greece Monday, as the Delta variant has begun to spread across the country.

Greece Records 10 More Coronavirus Deaths; More than 1,500 Cases

The recorded coronavirus cases in Greece remained high on Sunday, although significantly lower compared to previous days.

Greece Tightens Coronavirus Restrictions as Cases Remain High

The daily coronavirus cases in Greece remained high on Saturday, as 2,562 total new cases were recorded across the nation.

New Measures for Unvaccinated in Greece as Covid-19 Cases High

The daily cases of Covid-19 recorded in Greece remained elevated on Friday, as the country released new measures for the unvaccinated.