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Dormition of the Virgin Mary Celebrated in Splendor Across Greece

Greece celebrated the Dormition of the Virgin Mary with great splendor and devotion at places of pilgrimage across the country and beyond.

Maria and the Dormition of the Virgin Mary Honored on August 15th

As Greeks prepare to celebrate the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, the nation is ready to honor those with the most popular female name, Maria.

Orthodox Greeks Celebrate Dormition of The Virgin Mary

Worshippers across the world were celebrating the Dormition of Virgin Mary on Monday, one of the greatest days in the Greek Orthodox calendar.

Agia Pelagia: The Vision Leading to the Panagia Celebration on Tinos

The Virgin Mary takes center stage in Tinos on August 15 annually, thanks to a humble nun who received a vision, whom we know as Agia Pelagia, or St. Pelagia, today, on the great feast of the Panagia, or...

Greece’s Celebration of the Panagia, or Dormition of the Virgin Mary

There are many customs and festivals organized all over Greece on August 15 in commemoration of the Virgin Mary, or Panagia. This day is a public holiday in Greece so Greeks are able to mark one of the most...