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Dead Baby Found in Trash

The news of a dead baby found in the dump of Lechaina, has shocked the local community  of Ilia in Western Greece. The horrible crime was revealed when a rag-man detected the lifeless body of the newborn baby among hills...

Shocking Crime in Mani

A murder was committed in the village Kalonies, Laconia in the Mani region, on April 13, over an insignificant reason. According to, two cousins started scrapping when one of them blocked his cousin's vehicle with his car on the...

Golden Dawn Goes After Immigrant Charged With Assaulting Teen Girl

PIRAEUS -Police said that a gang led by members of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn invaded a ship and tried to attack a 21-year-old Pakistani immigrant charged in the beating and sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl on this...

Greek-born woman who tried to kill herself and her husband is free

The story of this older couple is a modern Greek tragedy with victims both of them. Anastasia Nestorowycz, 76, tried to kill her husband Paul, 82, because she believed he was suffering and she wanted to end his life.