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Bronze Age Settlement Found Under Roman Bath Complex at Corinth

A Bronze Age settlement and an elegant Roman bath complex were recently unearthed at the site of ancient Corinth. The excavation at Chiliomodi, Corinth not only confirmed the existence of the extensive nature of the Roman baths but also revealed...

Ancient Greek Corinthian Helmet Found in Southwest Russia

An ancient Greek Corinthian helmet was found in a fifth century BC grave in the Taman Peninsula in southwest Russia. Made of bronze, ancient Greek Corinthian helmets covered the entire head and neck, with slits for the eyes and mouth,...

Ancient Swimming Pool in Greece Among the Most Beautiful Ever Built

An ancient swimming pool near Corinth in Greece is still regarded 2,000 years later as an aesthetic and engineering marvel. The swimming pool located on a prominent height overlooking the Great Ravine on the Isthmus of Corinth was built over...

Five Remarkable Marine Animals of Greece (And Where to Find Them)

Many remarkable marine animals can be found in the waters of Greece.

Ancient Greeks Used Lifting Device to Move Stones Before Cranes

Recent research shows that ancient Greeks had used a primitive type of lifting machine to move heavy stones before they began using cranes 2,500 years ago, according to the website Gizmodo.

Greece Vows to Reopen Corinth Canal in July

The Corinth Canal, which separates mainland Greece from the Peloponnese, will reopen in early July after a number of landslides last year left the passageway inaccessible for over a year. The canal will reopen on July 5th and will remain...

Following the Footsteps of Saint Paul Across Greece

The two missionary journeys of St. Paul in Greece were of great importance for bringing  Christianity to its people and from there to western Europe

Economic Sanctions of Pericles 2,500 Years Ago Backfired, Prolonging War

Sanctions date back to antiquity, with the "Megarian Decree" issued by Athenian statesman Pericles in 432 BC being the first recorded

Police Arrests Man for Trying to Sell Ancient Greek Statue

A finely made 5th-century BC ancient Greek statue was turned over to the Greek Ministry and Sports Culture by the Attica police on Friday.

American School of Classical Studies at Athens Wins Film Award for Corinth Excavation

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens was given the Orona Foundation Award for its short film "Twelve Decades of Discovery: American School Excavations at Corinth" on Saturday, November 21. The Orona Foundation Award, bestowed at the 20th International...