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Lidl Under Fire for Suing Elderly Woman Stealing Food to Survive in Greece

Supermarket chain Lidl came under fire in Greece after a 70-year-old woman tried to steal some food worth 30 to 40 euros on Saturday -- because she was hungry. The German chain that has been operating in Greece for...

Cleaner's Conviction to 10-Year Imprisonment Over Forged Diploma Sparks Controversy

A 53-year-old woman was convicted to 15 years of imprisonment for forging an Elementary School diploma in order to get a job in the public sector as a cleaner back in 1996. The sentence was reduced to 10 years after...

KONY 2012: Greek Aid Worker Exposes the Other Half of the Ugandan Story

Greek Reporter's Fragkiska Megaloudi lived and worked in Uganda. Here she presents her side of the KONY 2012 story. "To all of us who have lived and worked in northern Uganda and who know a bit more than just the 30 minutes footage, this video tells a whole different story."

Turkish Film "Fetih 1453" Causes Outrage Among Greeks

Before even making it to the cinemas, Faruk Aksoy’s latest film “Fetih 1453” has caused outrage in Greece, with many characterizing the new epic movie as racist and a propaganda. The Turkish director produced a film featuring the conquest of...