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Viral Conspiracy Theories Falsely Claim Ukraine War is a Hoax

Just over a year into the war in Ukraine, several viral conspiracy theories are spreading a false narrative online that the conflict is a hoax. Most of the conspiracy theories are being spread on social media platforms like Twitter. The...

Twitter Most Resistant to Conspiracy Theories, Study Shows

Twitter is the most resistant to conspiracy theories among all social media platforms in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study shows

Titanic Conspiracy Theories Debunked

The conspiracy theory that the White Star Line 'swapped' the Olympic and the Titanic is an old one, but it was comprehensively and thoroughly debunked when explorer Bob Ballard found and photographed the wreck. By Tony Cross Both the Olympic and...

Titanic Conspiracy Theory Claims the Ship Never Sank

Among the many conspiracy theories about major world events, is the claim that the Titanic never sank but was switched with its sister ship

Social Media Poses Risk to Humanity, Scientists Warn

Some biologists and ecologists think social media poses a risk to humanity-- to the extent that we need to act before further damage is done.

The Greek Theory That Explains Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories, use human nature to further their aims, according to many experts.

Study Says Distrust of Coronavirus Vaccine Could Lead to Insufficient Protection of Public

A new study released on Wednesday confirms the fears of many that the rampant mistrust of a coronavirus vaccine, and conspiracy theories which continue to swirl though social media, may end up costing the general public dearly if an...

Why 5G Conspiracy Theories Prosper During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Tim Hill, Robin Canniford, and Stephen Murphy* As the coronavirus pandemic has gathered momentum, so too have explanations for how the outbreak started and what is causing its spread. Among these explanations is a theory that the recent rollout...