Calamos Supports Greece


“Taste of Greektown” Festival Returns to Chicago for Summer 2021

The "Taste of Greektown" festival held annually in Chicago will bring fun, food, and drink with a Greek twist to the major US city in 2021. 

The History of Greektown in Chicago from the 1840s to Now

Greektown in Chicago came about after Greek ship captains arrived in the city in the 1840s from New Orleans by way of the Mississippi River.

Booming Calamos Investments Expands Chicago Presence

Calamos Investments’ Chicago expansion offers employees and clients a safe and affluent work environment beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. 

US-Based Greek Starts Campaign to Protect Natura 2000 in Greece

A young student from Greece, based in Chicago, has kicked-off a digital campaign to save the Natura 2000 areas of her homeland.

Greek-American Yannis Dimoulis Creates Community Through Comedy

Designer Yannis Dimoulis uses his platform of over 23,000 followers to explore the often-comedic nuances of being Greek-American.

Thousands of Greek-Americans Seek Greek Citizenship During Pandemic

Greek-Americans are flocking to consulates in the United States and applying for Greek citizenship -- even during the pandemic -- in hopes that they can more easily travel there in the future. The understandable emotional upset this past year over...

Chicago Covid-19 Coalition Distributes More than $1.3 Million in Humanitarian Relief

Calamos CEO John Koudounis, who is leading a coalition of Chicago’s business leaders in a humanitarian campaign for COVID-19 relief and recovery, said on Monday that the Chicago model can be applied to other cities in the US. Speaking at...

National Hellenic Museum Releases “Snapshots of a Life” Exhibition

The National Hellenic Museum released its digital exhibition, titled "Snapshots of a Life: The George Phillos Photograph Collection," in order to document the Greek immigrant experience in America. The photos, which were taken mainly between 1910 to 1930, provide a...

Grecian Delight Joins Philanthropic Initiative for Hunger Relief in Chicago

Grecian Delight, a manufacturer and marketer of top quality Greek and Mediterranean foods, has joined hunger relief efforts that became especially crucial as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Chicago area. In April, the company, which was founded...

The Greeks of Colonial Florida Featured in National Hellenic Museum Lecture

The National Hellenic Museum in Chicago recently released their latest installment in their online lecture series, called "The Greeks of Colonial Florida," lead by Menios Papadimitriou. Menios Papadimitriou spoke with NHM's Resident Scholar Dr. Katherine Kelaidis about the history of...