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Carbon Emissions Tracking Methods Ridiculously Out of Date

Carbon emissions tracking methods must be improved and updated, some researchers say, if we are to deal with the realities of pollution in a rational manner. Even at the most recent climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, researchers were working...

Five Percent of Power Plants Create 73% of Electrical Generation Emissions

Power plants across the world are giants of environmental pollution. A study published in the journal Enviornmental Research Letters found that five percent of the 29,000 power plants included in the study were the source of 73 percent of the planet's emissions of carbon dioxide from the electricity generation sector.

PPC Management Meets Greek MEPs on Free CO2 Emission Certificates

Public Power Corporation's (PPC) management expressed the company's demand for free emission certificates of carbon dioxide to Greece as of 2016 at a meeting with Greek MEPs who were also briefed on the company's positions regarding the liberalization of...