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Greek Sailor’s Message in a Bottle Discovered on New Zealand Beach

A message in a bottle from a Greek sailor, which was released into the ocean more than a year ago, was found washed up in New Zealand. 

Greek Captain Dies After Fire Breaks Out Aboard Ship off Brazil

A 40-year old Greek national who was the captain of a Greek-flagged vessel died near the coast of Guaiba, Brazil in the early hours of Friday, after a fire broke out aboard his ship. The Hellenic (Greek) Coast Guard issued...

Harrowing Mid-Atlantic Rescue of Greek Captain (video)

Dramatic footage from last Saturday's rescue of a 47-year-old Greek captain in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean has been released by the Portuguese Air Force. The man was airlifted from the vessel Minerva Gloria, as it sailed 420 kilometers...

Why Turkish Airlines Prefer Greek Captains

The rapid development of Turkish Airlines has caused the company to seek experienced pilots from abroad. The Turkish carrier employs 77 Greek pilots from its total crew of 4,500 pilots, 800 of which are foreigners. This means that Greeks...