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Cairo Peace Summit Ends Without Gaza Agreement

Today's Cairo Peace Summit saw Arab leaders condemn Israel's intensive bombing campaign in Gaza, while Europeans urged for the protection of civilians. However, with the absence of Israel and senior United States (US) officials, no agreement was reached to...

Child Buried With 142 Dogs in Ancient Egyptian Necropolis

Egypt's sands have revealed many treasures over the ages, but, more recently, archaeologists digging in a necropolis close to Cairo discovered something that has them scratching their heads. Experts found the bones of an eight-year-old child carefully spread out...

Nikos Katsikas, Greek Journalist in Egypt, Was Murdered

Nikos Katsikas, a Greek journalist who for many years worked tirelessly to promote Greece in Egypt and strengthen bilateral relations was murdered, Egyptian authorities said on Tuesday. Katsikas was found dead on Saturday, according to an announcement by the Greek...

The Greeks of Cairo: The Fascinating Bond Between Greece and Egypt

The small, but vibrant, community of Greeks, with roots deep in history, remains in the Egyptian capital of Cairo to this day.

Turkey and Egypt Hold Reset Talks In Cairo

Officials from Turkey and Egypt have met in Cairo on Wednesday for talks aimed at resetting relations after almost a decade of tensions.

Nine-Year-Old Greek Girl is the Gymnastics Sensation of Egypt

A 9-year-old Greek girl born in Cairo is the undisputed champion of gymnastics in Egypt, as for the second year round, she won gold

Egyptian Mummies: Pharaohs Transferred to New Cairo Museum

The mummies of Egyptian pharaohs Rameses II and Hatshepsut, were taken to their new museum, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

Greece, France, Cyprus and Egypt Condemn Turkey-Libya Maritime Deal

The Foreign Ministers of the four Mediterranean states of Greece, Cyprus, France and Egypt, condemned the recent maritime agreement signed between Turkey and Libya. Meeting on Wednesday in Cairo, the leaders stated that the controversial agreement undermines regional stability. The...

Greece, Cyprus, Egypt Condemn ''Unlawful'' Turkish Drilling

Egypt, Cyprus, and Greece condemned on Tuesday the ''unlawful and unacceptable'' bid by Turkey to drill inside waters where Cyprus has exclusive economic rights. President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi hosted a trilateral summit with Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades and Greek Prime Minister...

Greek Musician Yianni To Perform in Egypt

The famous Greek musician and composer Yanni is going back to Egypt to perform at a concert at Mountain View North Coast on July 26 this year. Yianni has devoted fans everywhere across the world, including the nation of Egypt....