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Byzantine Empire

The Legend of the Last Byzantine Emperor, Constantine Palaiologos

In 1453, the Ottomans seized Constantinople, ending the Byzantine Empire and the life of its last emperor, Constantine Palaiologos.

Armenia’s Contribution to Hellenism and Orthodoxy

The ties of Armenian culture and Hellenism go back at least to the 6th century BC, as a reference to Armenia was made by Greek historian Heracletus of Miletus

Saints Cyril and Methodius: Founders of Greek Orthodoxy in Russia, Ukraine

Saints Cyril and Methodius, brothers born in Thessaloniki, were the main influence for establishing Greek Orthodoxy in Slavic nations

The Sports Riot That Nearly Destroyed Constantinople in 532 AD

The Greek world has a troubled past of sports riots, particularly with football hooliganism, but this pervasive history goes back further than one might expect, with one instance nearly leading to the destruction of Constantinople and the overthrow of...

What is Hidden Under Hagia Sophia?

The former Basilica of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (Constantinople) is the undisputed symbolic center of the Greek Orthodox faith, hosting millions of visitors, who are awed by its great religious, historical, and architectural importance, each year. From 537 to 1453,...

The Giant Whale that Terrorized Constantinople

Under Byzantine (Eastern Roman) rule, the inhabitants of Constantinople faced many threats. The Avars, Sassanids, Slavs, Crusaders, and Ottomans all laid siege to the legendary capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. However, there was one threat lurking in the waters...

The Byzantine-Arab Frontier was the ‘Wild West’ of the Middle Ages

For centuries the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire stood as Christendom's bulwark against the invasions of the Muslims, first of the Arabs and then of the Turks. Nowhere was this clash between the Muslim and Christian worlds more constantly apparent...

The Byzantine General Who Challenged the Emperor

After the tremendously successful reign of Basil II, the eleventh century signaled a turn of fortunes in a far more negative direction for the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire, marked by military defeats and decline. However, George Maniakes, a Byzantine general,...

The Regal Crowns of the Byzantine Emperors

From 330 AD, when Constantine the Great proclaimed his new city the capital of the Roman Empire, the emperors ruled from Constantinople until the city fell in 1453. The modern historiographical term "Byzantines" for the Eastern Roman Empire is...

Lake Prespa: A Greek Eco Park Steeped in History

The Lake Prespa National Park is a place where nature, culture and history mix in creating a fascinating landmark for visitors of all ages