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Hungry Bear Devours 40kg of Honey in Northern Greece

A hungry bear made a noticeable impact on the surrounding area of Mount Paiko in Northern Greece after it was spotted feasting on honey and destroying beehives. The mischievous bear is believed to have eaten 40kg (88 lbs) of...

Mother Bear and Cub Filmed Raiding Greek Cherry Orchard

A mother bear and her cub were caught red-handed as they climbed over an enclosure to raid a cherry orchard in the region of Kastoria

Brown Bear Population in Greece 'Recovering'

Efforts to protect Greece's brown bears are starting to pay off, according to a study by the conservation group Arcturos this week. It claims the country's bear population has made a slight recovery and is both numerically and genetically more...

Two Bears Take a Midnight Stroll at Kastoria City Center

Two young wild bears took a stroll at Kastoria center after midnight on Monday, alarming the residents of the northern Greek city. Nikos Panagiotopoulos, member of brown bear protection group Arcturos and Environmental Protection Society of Kastoria, told AMNA news...