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The Forgotten Greek Heroes of the Battle of Rimini

The Battle of Rimini and the heroes of the 3rd Hellenic Mountain Brigade is one of the lesser known chapters of World War II, but a proud moment for Greece.

When The Gauls Attacked The Oracle Of Delphi

The attack of the Gauls on the oracle of Delphi in 279 b.C. marked the devastating end of the Gallic tribes' ambitious invasion of Greece.

“Ghost of Kyiv” Ukrainian Pilot Killed In Battle, Identity Revealed

The Ukrainian fighter pilot who was dubbed “the Ghost of Kyiv” died in air battle last month, and his identity has been revealed.

The Battle for Kyiv: Ukraine Defends Capital City as Russia Attacks

Kyiv has become the epicenter of Russia's attack against Ukraine with street battles and explosions across the city during the third day of the invasion. Ukrainian troops have been trying to push back Russian attacks. An army unit in Kyiv...

Greeks of Egypt Honor Fallen Heroes

The Greek community of Egypt honored the Greek soldiers who fell in El Alamein, during the ferocious battle against the Axis powers in the Second World War, in a ceremony on Saturday. Officials from Greece and Egypt laid wreaths at...

Lost Ancient Greek Island Has Been Found

Archaeologists believe they may have discovered the lost city of Kane, the site of the epic sea battle of Arginusae, which saw Athens crush Sparta in 406 BC. Archaeologists weren’t exactly sure where this island was located, until now. An...