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Battle of Marathon

The Awe-Inspiring Helmet of Ancient Greek Warrior Miltiades

The discovery of the helmet of Miltiades is one of the most important archaeological finds in history.

Battle of Marathon: The Helmet With the Soldier’s Skull Still Inside

This remarkable Corinthian-style helmet from the Battle of Marathon was reputedly found in 1834 with a human skull still inside. It now forms part of the Royal Ontario Museum’s collections, but originally it was discovered by George Nugent-Grenville, who was...

The Battle of Marathon Saved Western Civilization 2,500 Years Ago

In September of the year 490 BC, just 42 km outside of Athens, an army of brave Greeks saved their city from the invading Persian army.

Pheidippides’ Real Marathon Was a Punishing 300 Miles

Why is the ancient Greek man Pheidippides, the greatest runner in world history after whose exploits the concept of the marathon was created, remembered for running the 25 miles from Marathon to Athens rather than the distance from Athens...

Battle of Plataea: The Decisive Victory Against Persia that Saved Greece

The Battle of Plataea was the final battle of the second Persian invasion of Greece with  the victory of the allied Greek forces putting an end to the Persian ambitions

“Heroes of Bronze: The Memory” Short Film Brings Ancient Greece to Life

Heroes of Bronze: The Memory is the first CGI short film in a planned series showcasing ancient Greece in magnificent detail. The first part of the series, which premiered on January 21, has garnered over 600,000 views on YouTube and...

Ten of the Acropolis Museum’s Most Beautiful Exhibits

The Acropolis Museum located only 330 meters (1,000 feet) from the famed hill of the same name hosts some of the world's most important antiquities

Map of the World as Herodotus, The Father of History, Knew It

Herodotus, the Greek historian known as "The Father of History," passed on detailed knowledge of the world, or at least as much as was known by ancient Greeks, allowing for the creation of a map containing peoples, lands and...

Ancient Greece’s First Detective Returns

Gary Corby is an esteemed Australian author whose series of four books about ancient Greece has become a great hit. In the latest installment of the series, “The Marathon Conspiracy,” protagonist Nicolaos, ancient Greece’s first detective, is faced with...