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Bank of England

Bank of England Reveals King Charles III Banknote Designs

The Bank of England has unveiled plans to keep a lasting legacy alive with the circulation of new banknotes featuring King Charles III in mid-2024. The United Kingdom's central bank made the first public announcement on the design in the...

UK Price Inflation Rate Reaches 40-Year High

Consumer price inflation in U.K. has hit a 40-year high at 10.1 percent in the 12 months to July 2022, according to the latest data.

Bitcoin Could Bring Another Financial Crisis, Bank of England Warns

A senior deputy at the Bank of England cautioned on Wednesday that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin could lead to another financial crisis. Deputy governor Sir Jon Cunliffe said that governments must begin to instill stricter regulations on crypto, comparing the volatility...

The Economic Assassins Who Killed Cyprus

Cypriots by all accounts are a resilient people and yet, one wonders why this small island has never enjoyed peace. Disraeli, the first Jewish minister of Britain, described Cyprus to Queen Victoria in 1878 as, "This jewel of the...