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Baklava: The Dessert that has Greeks and Turks Fighting over Its Origin

Greeks and Turks have been at each other’s throats for centuries, but a rivalry seldom mentioned revolves around the origins of baklava.

Growing Up Greek-American: 15 Things We All Experienced in Childhood

Growing up Greek-American you are privy to a unique childhood, filled with some pretty strange customs (strange to those who are not Greek, anyway).

Baklava Baking Entrepreneur’s Secrets to Personal, Business Success

A baklava baking entrepreneur shares her secrets on business success and reinventing herself, explaining how we can take the necessary steps that we sometimes must in order to change our lives. Something to Chew On: Monthly Musings from a Baklava Baker,...

Homemade Authentic Greek Baklava Recipe

Here's an easy and authentic recipe to make the Greeks' all-time favorite dessert, Baklava. Baklavas, or baklava, is likely one of the most famous, yet controversial, Greek desserts. The delicious sweet is made from crispy layers of phyllo dough filled...

The Most Beloved Greek Desserts of Them All

Greece is known around the world for its delicious cuisine, and Greek desserts are no exception to this rule. Classic Greek flavors such as orange, cinnamon, honey, and sesame make Greek sweets some of the most delectable in the world. Revani:...

The African American Bringing Sweet Flavors of Greece to Salt Lake City

Baklava and other flavors of Greece are the specialties of a black American woman who founded Sheer Ambrosia Bakery in Salt Lake City.

Londoners Ready to Taste ”Baklava Wine” from The Clumsies Bar in Athens

The famous Athenian bar ''The Clumsies'' is ready to captivate Londoners this week by serving some of its most well-known drinks, among which is the popular ''Baklava Wine.'' From Monday, June 3 until Friday, June 7, the visitors to London's...