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Bacteria on Neanderthal Teeth May Help Develop Antibiotics

A recent study suggests that peculiar bacteria found in the teeth of Neanderthals could potentially contribute to the development of innovative antibiotics in the future. This groundbreaking research focuses on the analysis of dental plaque, both from ancient and modern...

Greek Biologists Create Eco-Friendly Paper From Bacteria

Two young biologists from Greece have created an eco-friendly alternative to paper, made from cultivated bacteria.

Scientists Find First Known Organisms That Eat Only Viruses

Every species of organism has evolved to eat at least one form of organic material, and different animals eat a variety of substances, such as vegetation, meat, algae, insects, and germs. However, scientists recently discovered that viruses are also...

Study: Your Conservative Political Ideology May Be Breeding Disgust

The more conservative attitude, mentality and political ideology a person has, the most probable it is to feel disgust and revulsion for bacteria while considering interpersonal contact a threat, according to new international research conducted with the participation of...