Coronavirus Cases Surge in Greece with 2,353 on Tuesday

The number of coronavirus cases surged today in Greece, as a total of 2,353 cases of the virus were diagnosed across the country on Tuesday alone -- the highest number of daily cases recorded in Greece in 2021. The figure...

Attica’s Tiny Islet That Has Its Own Natural Pool

A tiny islet off the coast of Attica near the Kaki Thalassa area has such a shape that it gives the impression it features a swimming pool.

Coronavirus: Lockdown Extended in Attica; 1,790 Cases Friday

The number of coronavirus patients undergoing intubation, an intensive treatment used to facilitate breathing, remains high in Greece.

Coronavirus Cases Reach 1,784 in Greece Thursday

Greece recorded 1,784 coronavirus cases Thursday, out of the 50,247 Covid tests that were conducted in the country during the day.

Covid-19 Transmission Skyrockets in Greece, with 2,147 Cases Tuesday

Transmission of Covid-19 has skyrocketed in Greece once again, as the country recorded a stunning 2,147 cases on Tuesday.

Coronavirus Cases Spike to 1,400 in Greece on Thursday

A total of 1,400 cases of Covid-19 were diagnosed in Greece on Thursday, spiking sharply yet again after the country recorded 755 cases of the virus just one day earlier, on Wednesday. The cases diagnosed on Tuesday represent 645 more...

Snow Storm Departs Athens, Leaving Suburbs in Darkness

The snow storm "Medea," which left Athens covered in snow Tuesday, passed through the city on Wednesday and is making its way toward Crete. The winter storm has left over 40,000 homes in Attica, especially in Athens' suburbs, without electricity...

Coronavirus Cases Jump to 1,121 in Greece Tuesday

A total of 1,121 cases of Covid-19 were diagnosed in Greece on Tuesday, spiking sharply yet again as the country was blanketed with a thick layer of snow. The cases diagnosed on Tuesday represent 423 more than those recorded in...

Winter Storm Provides Rare Glimpse of Snowy Athens

The Winter storm "Medea" left Athens, including the city's ancient sites, blanketed in snow on Tuesday. Featuring a thick layer of white, fluffy snow, the Greek capital's famed monuments and neighborhoods have taken on a new beauty which only adds...

Parts of Greece Left Without Power, Three Dead as Heavy Snow Storm Hits

While heavy snowfall across the country has resulted in beautiful, wintry scenes, it has also caused major problems in Greece, especially in Attica, the home to Greece's capital city of Athens. Many of Attica's residents, as well as those living...