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The Diet of Ancient Greek Olympian Athletes

Ancient athletes accomplished many astonishing feats of sport in antiquity. But what diet fueled these ancient athletes and Olympians?

Doping in Ancient Greece

Doping in sports goes back to the first Olympic Games in ancient Greece. Banned substances were used by athletes to boost their performance.

Greek Swimmers Win Big at World Para Swimming Championships

Greek swimmers Dimosthenis Michalentzakis, Alexandra Stamatopoulou, and Dimitris Karypidis won big at the 2022 World Para Swimming Championships in Madeira, Portugal on Wednesday. In total, Greek swimmers have taken home four medals since the beginning of the Championship, three of...

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Twins IG Post Becomes Most Liked Post by an Athlete

Star soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo broke the world record for most-liked Instagram post by a professional athlete on Friday after announcing on the social media platform that his wife was pregnant with twins. The record had previously been held by...

Greece Reopens Sport Facilities as Coronavirus Infections Ease

Greece announced a phased reopening of sport facilities as coronavirus cases on Sunday remain high, but show signs of easing.

Greece Launches Probe into Sexual Harassment in Gymnastics

A prosecutor in Greece ordered a probe, following allegations claiming sexual harassment of young athletes by coaches in gymnastics.

Greek Abuse Scandal: Sailing Coach Admits Relationship with 11-Year-Old Athlete

A Greek sailing coach admitted on Friday that he had had what he called a "relationship" with an 11-year-old athlete in the latest twist in sexual abuse in sport. Speaking anonymously to MEGA's LiveNews show, the coach -- who now lives...

Greek Athletes Speak Out after Bekatorou Rape Allegation

More Greek athletes spoke out on sexual harassment after Olympic athlete and sailing champion Sofia Bekatorou opened up recently. The athlete said that when she was 21 she suffered a horrific assault by a much older person involved with her...

4th Spetses Mini-Marathon Concludes Successfully

The fourth annual Spetses Mini-Marathon concluded successfully today, Sunday, October 12, with the event's overall participation exceeding organizers' expectations. The scenic island of Spetses hosted the race for the fourth straight October. In a competition that places sportsmanship in the highest regard,...