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Asia Minor

Constantinopolitans Keep Memories of the Byzantine Capital Alive

The Hellenic Society of Constantinopolitans is keeping the culture and traditions of the Greeks from the city of Constantinople alive.

Istanbul vs. Constantinople: Why Both Words are Greek

Istanbul is a name that the Greeks actually gave to the city. "Istanbul" derives from the Greek phrase "Is tin poli," meaning "into the city."

Statue of Greek Philosopher Diogenes Causes Controversy in Turkey

A statue dedicated to the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes in Sinope, Turkey, the city of his birth, stirred controversy in the country for a surprising reason. By Dimosthenes Vasiloudis The Statue of Diogenes (Turkish: Diyojen Heykeli) is a monument dedicated to...

How Ernest Hemingway Witnessed the Greek Genocide

Ernest Hemingway  witnessed at first hand as a journalist the displacement of the Greeks from their ancestral homelands of Asia Minor.

The Greek Genocide and Extermination of Pontic Greeks

The Greek genocide and the Pontic genocide instigated by the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish national movement is a dark moment for Greece

Greeks of Cappadocia Left Indelible Mark on History

The Greeks of Cappadocia, in central-eastern Anatolia, created their own flourishing culture in ancient times that thrived for millennia.

What Has Russia Ever Done For Greece?

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has reignited the debate in Greece on the historic relations between the two nations that share a common religion. The destruction of towns and villages in eastern Ukraine, especially Mariupol where tens of thousands of ethnic...

Virtual Lecture Delves into the History and Destruction of Smyrna

A virtual lecture on the history and the destruction of the great city of Smyrna in Asia Minor will be held this coming Tuesday. Organized by College Year in Athens (CYA) and the Greek Consulate General in Boston, the lecture...

Thessaloniki: The Undisputed Capital of Greek Sweets

Thessaloniki Capital of Greek Sweets

Touching Papadopoulos Cookies Ad Goes Viral in Greece

A touching advertisement for Papadopoulos cookies which was created in honor of the company's 100th anniversary has gone viral on social media in Greece. For many Greeks, cookies are synonymous with Papadopoulos, as the country has created some of the...