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Asia Minor Archaeology

The Glorious History of the Hellenistic City of Antioch

Antioch on the Orontes, an ancient Greek city on the eastern side of the Orontes River, was one of the most glorious of all the Greek cities in the world. Home to hundreds of thousands of people in its golden...

Ceremonial Complex Found at 11,000 Year-Old Callirhoe in Asia Minor

Fantastic carvings of human heads and phallus-shaped pillars were discovered recently at a 11,000-year-old archaeological site in Turkey that is a sister "village" to the renowned Gobekli Tepe site, which is considered to be home to the oldest temple...

Neolithic-Era Homes, Street Found at Catalhoyuk Site in Turkey

Neolithic-era homes and a street were found during the most recent excavations at Çatalhöyük, in Turkey, near the Greek city of Ikonion.