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Australian Nursing Home Mogul Skips Country, Flees to Greece

Australian nursing home mogul Peter Arvanitis and his wife, Areti, slipped out of the country almost unnoticed and landed in Greece.

Kill the Messengers: Greece Can't Handle The Truth

It’s a good thing that Costas Vaxevanis, one of a handful of legitimate journalists left in Greece in a country where too many are in the bag to politicians and the rich, wasn’t standing in front of a hole...

Greece Yanks TV Show for Criticizing Minister

Continuing a crackdown on journalists attacking government policies, Greece has pulled a popular morning news show off the state-run network that is funded with mandatory contributions from taxpayers after the program’s presenters asked if a government minister would resign...

Greek Products Star at UK Great Taste Awards

Against daunting competition, 11 Greek companies were honored at the Great Taste Awards, the United Kingdom’s most important contest for showcasing food products. While the Greek businesses weren’t as well-known as some of others, they impressed the judges with...