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El Greco’s Masterpieces Captivate Art Lovers in Budapest

Domḗnikos Theotokópoulos, better known as El Greco ("the Greek"), is widely regarded as one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance era. Now, his artworks are on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary. The exhibition has...

The Rescue Dog That Creates Art

A one-eared rescue dog named Van Gogh is creating art with his tongue at a Connecticut rescue, as reported by CNN on Wednesday. Van Gogh can certainly do many tricks like many other dogs, but he is getting a lot...

Close-up of Ant’s Face Appears to Be From Horror Movie

A close-up macro photograph of an ant’s face that was showcased at the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition seems to come straight from a horror movie. The eerie image of an ant captured by Lithuanian photographer Eugenijus Kavaliauskas resembles a...

The Life and Work of Greek Surrealist Nikos Engonopoulos

Greek surrealist painter and poet Nikos Engonopoulos is one of the most well-known modern Greek painters internationally. He was an important figure in the Generation of the '30s, a prominent group of artists and thinkers in Greece. This group was fascinated...

Rare Exhibition of Paintings by European Philhellenes Opens In Thessaloniki

A rare exhibition of paintings by 19th-century European Philhellenes opened at the Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation, Thessaloniki, on Thursday.

Eleni Boukoura-Altamoura, the First Great Female Greek Painter

The artist Eleni Boukoura-Altamoura is widely known as the first great female Greek painter —although there were likely many talented Greek women artists throughout history who were not recognized. Boukoura-Altamoura's incredible talent and tragic life inspired her works, which often...

What the World Can Learn From Greece’s Passion for the Arts

The Greek model of supporting the arts is both old and ongoing; it embraces difference and internationalism and believes art is the cornerstone to civil society. We should learn from that model.

Artist Jeff Koons Displays Artwork on Greek Island of Hydra

Jeff Koons, one of the world's most famous contemporary artist, adorned the Greek island of Hydra with his own version of an ancient Greek temple of Apollo. The iconic American artist transformed the Slaughterhouse, an art space located just outside...

Exarcheia: Most Misunderstood Neighborhood in Athens

Often referred to as the anarchist neighbourhood of Athens, there is much more to Exarcheia than immediately meets the eye.

Stunning Mosaics Using Expired Pills Created by Greek Doctor

Eleni Ioannidou, a doctor at the Rethymno Hospital, has been creating lately impressive mosaics using just expired pills.