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18-Year-Old Elected Youngest Black Mayor in the US

An eighteen-year-old college student in the state of Arkansas has reportedly become the youngest black mayor to be elected in the US. Jaylen Smith just graduated from high school in May. On Tuesday, he was voted in to lead the...

Arkansas Police Officers Caught on Video Beating Suspect

Arkansas police launched an investigation on Sunday into the beating of a suspect under arrest, an incident caught on video. Three Arkansas policemen were suspended over the video widely circulated on social media. The video depicts three law enforcement officers...

At Least 90 Feared Dead After Tornado Tears Through the U.S.

At least 90 people are feared dead after multiple tornadoes struck the United States on Friday night, tearing through Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee. The tornadoes were the product of a weather system that was causing intense weather events...

Almost All US Coronavirus Deaths Now Occurring in Unvaccinated People

Nearly all deaths in the US related to the coronavirus now occur in the unvaccinated, which shows the stunning efficacy of inoculations.