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Bartolomé Mitre, the Greek President of Argentina

Few people know today that the first president of the unified Republic of Argentina was of Greek descent. Bartolome Mitre Martinez was born on June 26, 1821 in Buenos Aires to a Greek family whose original last name was...

Greek Community of Córdoba, Argentina Celebrates 80th Anniversary

What all members of the Greek diaspora around the world have in common is their great love for their rich culture and ancient roots. This is precisely what the Greek Community of Córdoba in Argentina has dedicated itself to...

Hydra Honors Greek Heroes of Argentina’s War of Independence

The island of Hydra honored the Greek heroes of the Independence War of Argentina, Nickolas Kolmaniatis and Samuel Spiro, in a special event on Friday. The event was organized by Hydra Mayor Georgios Koukoudakis in memory of the two national...

Countries with Names Deriving from the Greek Language

Surprisingly, the names of countless countries around the world come from words found in the Greek language, attesting to the influence of Greek.

Greek Immigrant Georgalos Made Life in Argentina Sweeter

Greek immigrant Michalis Georgalos made life in Argentina sweeter with his confections, building an empire that still exists today

Diaspora in Argentina Marks Greek Independence with Majestic Video

The Greek community in Argentina marked the 200th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence by flying the Greek flag over Buenos Aires.

Latin America’s Greek Diaspora Calls for Stronger Ties with Greece

Organizations representing the Greek Diaspora in Latin America called for stronger ties with Greece during a video conference.

The Greek Sailor from Hydra Who Became War Hero in Argentina

As a Hydriot, I had been raised on a pantheon of grizzled war heroes — Miaoulis, Koudouriotis, et al—with a focus on their virtues rather than their vices, but I was only vaguely aware that Hydra also exported naval...

Concordia Summit Addresses Latin American/Western Hemisphere Challenges

Business and governmental leaders, non-governmental representatives and impressive young minds came together digitally on December 3 in the Concordia Summit in an effort to address problems in Latin America and the Western Hemisphere. In the fifth annual Americas Summit, the...

Diego Maradona is Dead

Diego Maradona, the Argentinian superstar, regarded by many pundits as the most skilled player to grace the football grounds in Latin America and Europe died on Wednesday at age 60. According to Argentinian press reports Maradona died at his home...