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Have Archaeologists Discovered the Temple of Hercules?

Researchers in Spain believe that they have found the Temple of Hercules, long-lost, in the remains of a series of buildings in Andalusia

Human Representations Found in Amphipolis Tomb Epistyle

The human representations on the epistyle of the Amphipolis tomb found today, prompted Culture Minister Contanstinos Tasoulas to speak of "an unparalleled burial monument," that has "the whole world in awe." The Greek minister visited the Casta hill excavation site...

Derveni Papyrus, Candidate for UNESCO List

The Derveni Papyrus is the only readable papyrus that has survived in Greece and the most ancient manuscript in Europe. Now it is a candidate for the UNESCO list of documented Heritage Monuments. According to archaeologists, the Derveni papyrus was...