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The Controversy Over the Long Lost 13th Zodiac Sign

The word 'Ophiuchus' might mean nothing to most people, but to astrology aficionados it  could have been the 13th zodiac sign

The Rod of Asclepius: The Symbol of Medicine from Ancient Greece

The Rod of Asclepius remains a symbol of health and medicine around the world to this day. Asclepius was a demi-god son of Apollo, who developed such incredible powers of healing that his Rod continues to be a famous...

The Ancient Greek Roots of Christmas Traditions

Christmas is one of the most important and perhaps the most treasured celebration of Christianity and is a day filled with joy and love. Surprisingly, many elements of Christmas celebrations have their roots in ancient Greece. Every country celebrates with...

The Myth of Daphne, Who Chose Eternal Silence Over Sexual Assault

This ancient myth of Daphne, in which the nymph transforms herself into a tree to escape the lustful attention of the god Apollo, has inspired countless retellings in art. Its themes resonate today. 

Skeleton of Ancient Woman Lying on Her Bronze Bed Found in Greece

Greek archaeologists presented never-before-seen discoveries from the Kozani region at an archaeological conference over the weekend.

Apollo Vs Agamemnon: The Plague in Ancient Greece was Divine Wrath

The plague appeared in Greece as a weapon of divine wrath. Agamemnon, offended the priest of Apollo and the God spread pestilence among the Greeks.

The Ancient Greek Roots of Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is one of the the most important -- and perhaps the most treasured -- celebration of Christianity, filled with joy and love. Countries around the world celebrate with different customs which have deep roots within history and tradition....

Ancient Greek Well Used For Hydromancy Discovered in Athens

The ancient Greek phrase "ΕΛΘΕ ΜΟΙ Ω ΠΑΙΑΝ ΦΕΡΩΝ ΤΟ ΜΑΝΤΕΙΟΝ ΑΛΗΘΕC" is written on the mouth of a well that came to light during the latest excavations of the German Archaeological Institute at the archaeological site of Kerameikos in Athens. The...

New Archaeological Findings of Apollo Sanctuary on Greek Island

New excavation work at an Archaic sanctuary site on an Aegean Sea islet unearthed important findings about its size and organization, Greece's Culture Ministry announced on Wednesday. Excavations on the small uninhabited islet of Despotiko --located off the popular island...

Full Moon Concert in Delos on August 1

When the sun sets on Saturday, August 1, something magical will happen. A Full Moon Concert will begin at 9:00 pm on the largest archaeological site in Europe - the Greek island of Delos. Singer Fotini Darra will perform with...