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Antonis Samaras

A New Ancient Greek Drama a Long-Running Flop

The machinations between Prime Minister George Papandreou, a Socialist whose two years in office[...]

Papademos Said to be Greece’s Interim Leader Choice

ATHENS – With the political infighting over, Greece’s interim Prime Minister to head a coalition government to enable the country to keep getting critical international loans seems likely to be former European Central Bank (ECB) Vice-President Lucas Papademos. The...

Papandreou to Step Down-New PM and Government to Be Announced Today

After backtracking numerous times and repeatdely sending out conflicting signals about[...]

Greek President to Host Talks with Papandreou and Samaras‎

Greece's president K. Papoulias is to convene a meeting between the country's embattled prime minister and the head of the main opposition party in an attempt to broker power-sharing talks and find a way out of a severe political...

Polls Show Stronger Support for Unity Government Plan

The wide majority of Greek citizens prefers the forming of a national unity government rather than holding early general elections, according to the results of two opinion polls released on Saturday in Athens. A poll by ALCO, commissioned by Proto...

The Big Fat Greek Babel

While the Greek political turmoil and the fate of the Euro-zone still dominate most of Saturday's newspapers, Greece’s “national saviors” continue to fight like a married couple about who is going[...]

Samaras to Meet President on Sunday-Insists on Snap Elections

Greek conservative opposition leader Antonis Samaras on Saturday repeated his demand that Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou resign and the country move to snap elections. Samaras, head of the New Democracy party, said he still backed the idea of a...

Papandreou Open Talks on Crisis Government

George Papandreou Saturday scrambled to form a national crisis government to implement a crucial eurozone rescue package, fresh from winning a nail-biting confidence vote. After an hour-long meeting with President Carolos Papoulias, Papandreou emerged to tell a scrum of reporters...

Moment of Truth for Papandreou

Today is another crucial day for Greece. The debate on the vote of confidence on the socialist government, asked by Premier G. Papandreou himself, will come to a conclusion at midnight, but the outcome is highly uncertain after the...

Papandreou Scraps Bailout Referendum, Seeks Coalition Government

ATHENS – Faced with defections by his Finance Minister, Cabinet official and Members of Parliament of his ruling PASOK Socialist party, Prime Minister George Papandreou has quickly withdrawn his plans[...]