Calamos Supports Greece

Antonio Banderas

Greece Is Becoming the Hollywood of Europe

Greece is becoming the Hollywood of Europe as it emerges as the movie industry's favorite overseas film destination for high-end productions.

Antonio Banderas Movie’s Greek Extras Scammed by Hackers

A movie starring Antonio Banderas currently filming in Thessaloniki, Greece has been the target for a serious scam.  

Antonio Banderas to Star in Hollywood Movie Shot in Thessaloniki

Antonio Banderas and Kate Bosworth are just some of the world famous actors filming a movie in Thessaloniki, Greece over the coming days.

Celebrities on the Side of Athens Fires Victims

As the fire-stricken victims of the Athens fires still count their wounds, several celebrities show their support and raise funds to aid the Greeks. The Athens seaside suburbs of East Attica were devastated by Monday's wildfires that left 85 dead...

Expendables 3 Video: Fans Reactions and Red Carpet Interviews from the LA Premiere

It was not the best timing for a premiere in Los Angeles, since the news of Robin Williams death had spread like a dark cloud over Hollywood, however, stars and loyal fans gathered at the Chinese theater to celebrate...