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Michael Steinhardt Gives Up Antiquities Worth $70 Million

Hedge-fund titan and philanthropist Michael Steinhardt surrendered 180 antiquities from his collection on Monday. The objects are currently valued at $70 million. Steinhardt has also accepted a life-time ban from collecting antiquities as part of the plea agreement. Steinhardt gave...

Turkey Accused as Bulldozers Flatten Part of Ancient Greek City

Environmentalists and nature lovers on Friday protested Turkey's flattening of an ancient Greek city as part of a "rehabilitation" initiative. Assos, in the northwestern province of Çanakkale, Turkey, has been going through "landscape works." A massive hill at the port...

The Most Notorious Antiquities Smuggler in Modern Greece

The name of German national Stefan Guericke will remain in history as the biggest antiquities smuggler in modern Greece

Illegal Trade in Antiquities is the Scourge of Millennia

The looting of artifacts has always been a sign of military might or economic power. To combat this illicit traffic in antiquities it is necessary to have a comprehensive international strategy, which allows once and for all to stop...

Looted Artifacts Returned to Iraq Could Open Path for Parthenon Marbles

Looted artifacts have been returned to Iraq. The move could impact Greece's quest for the return of the Parthenon Marbles.

Greek Court Greenlights Removal of Thessaloniki Metro Antiquities

The antiquities found during digs for the upcoming Thessaloniki metro system are to be removed, according to a court decision Tuesday.

The Greek Archaeologist Who Hunts Down Looted Antiquities

Greek forensic archaeologist Christos Tsirogiannis has become a nuisance for the wealthy auction houses of New York and London.

“Treasures of Akrotiri” Exhibit Travels to Russia for First Time

Artifacts from Santorini will leave Greece to be exhibited in Russia in summer 2021 as part of the Treasures of Akrotiri exhibit.

Ancient Aqueduct of Athens Restored To Glory

The Greek government is supporting a plan to put the ancient aqueduct of Athens back into use with means of EU funding.

Greek Archaeologist Uncovers Looted Greek Vase in Dutch Museum

A looted Greek vase was discovered recently amongst the renowned Allard Pierson Museum's collection of antiquities. Greek forensic archaeologist Christos Tsirogiannis, who works at the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies in Denmark, uncovered the vase's shady provenance as part of...