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Ancient Greeks of India: The Final Stand of Hellenism

Greeks and Indians are ancient peoples as we all know. They are two cultures which laid out the foundation of several disciplines of knowledge in their respective parts of the world, and while this may be well-known to many,...

Did Greek Art Inspire China’s Terracotta Army?

The alleged “Greekness” of the Terracotta Army went viral, but archaeologists in China were skeptical of the influence of Greek art.

Warrior Women: the Ancient World Was Full of Female Fighters

One of the great things about computer games is that anything is possible in the almost endless array of situations on offer, whether they are realistic or fantasy worlds. But it has been reported that gamers are boycotting Total...

Greek Discovery of Iceland Supported by Linguistic Evidence

The Greek discovery of Iceland more than one thousand years prior to the Vikings is supported by new evidence published in The Housman Society Journal. Based on an essentially linguistic hypothesis of his own inspiration, Dr. Andrew Charles Breeze pens...