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Sparta: The Only Ancient Greek City with No Defensive Walls

"It is remarkable that Sparta had no walls when all the other cities did," Elon Musk recently in response to a user's image of a Spartan warrior. Spartans of the Archaic and Classical periods took pride in not having walls...

Did the Spartans Throw Their Babies Off the Cliff?

The Spartans were renowned for being exceptionally fierce warriors (as famously depicted in the film 300). As can be expected, growing up as a Spartan was not always easy. Supposedly, according to some sources, the Spartans were so focused...

The Top Archaeological Sites You Absolutely Must See in Greece

The 18th of April is the International Monuments and Sites Day, and these are the top Greek archaeological sites you must visit! However, with a history as rich and expansive as that of Greece, it is no surprise that there...

Black Broth: What the Warriors of Ancient Sparta Ate

In ancient Greece, Sparta was famous for two things: the bravery of its warriors in battle and its atrocious food, says chef Max Miller who prepared the infamous black broth or melas zomos. During the communal daily meal, bread, called...

The Decline of Sparta as Seen Through Its Food

Athenaeus of Naucratis in his famous work Deipnosophistae stated sarcastically that the fault of the decline of Sparta lay with its cooks, who, because of the influence of the Roman Empire, lost the ability to prepare the traditional recipes...

What Were the Ancient Spartans Like?

Spartan society was very different from the rest in Greece, an example was the absence of walls, the city was protected only by its soldiers.

Battle of Thermopylae: When the Greeks Fought to Defend Western Civilization

The Battle of Thermopylae and the fight of 300 Spartans against 10,000 elite Persian soldiers is a magnificent moment in Greece's history.

Children are Curious to Know: Who Were the Spartans?

Curious Kids, a website that posts inquiries made by the most curious of minds—those of children—recently found themselves answering a question posted by a young reader who wanted an expert to answer his question: “Who were the Spartans?” It is...

Harsh Lessons from the Ancient Greek City-State of Sparta

The long and (mostly) illustrious history of the ancient Greek city-state of Sparta defines the word "legendary."

Daily Life in Ancient Greece: What it Was Like to Live in Athens and Sparta

Life in ancient Athens and Sparta, although both in Greece, was so different that the city-states seem completely foreign to each other.