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Ancient Greeks Left Their Mark in Egypt in 591 BC – in Graffiti

The urge to leave your mark for posterity is nothing new, as ancient Greek graffiti carved into an Egyptian Temple clearly shows.

Inscribed Gemstone, Plaque Show What Ancient Greek Sounded Like

Reading like the lyrics to a popular song or poem from modern times, two ancient Greek inscriptions in the form of rhyming poetry have prompted new insights into the way the language was spoken in those times. Ultimately, it is...

French Bring Back Teaching of Latin and Ancient Greek in Schools

The French government has announced plans to boost the teaching of Latin and Ancient Greek in schools as part of a new initiative

Weather Phobias in a Time of Severe Storms

Although the weather may seem like a natural part of life, many people suffer from weather phobias, ranging from the well-grounded fear of lightning -- which of course is truly deadly -- to the more unusual fear of snow. According...

Removal of Greek, Latin at Princeton Sparks Debate on Classics in the US

The recent decision by Princeton University to remove Greek and Latin requirements  for Classics majors to combat -- what it called -- institutional racism, has sparked a lively debate among academic circles in the US. In May, faculty members approved...

Ancient Greek Crown of Pure Gold Found in Box Under Man’s Bed

A British pensioner found a 2,300 year old ancient Greek crown packed with crumpled old newspapers in an old cardboard box under his bed.

Ancient Greek Helmet Found in Burial Chamber in Croatia

A very rare bronze Greek-Illyrian war helmet, used in Greece during the time of the Greco-Persian Wars, has just been discovered in a rock-cut tomb in Dalmatia, Croatia.

Cambridge University Creates Monumental New Ancient Greek Dictionary

A new Ancient Greek dictionary has been created by a team of experts from Cambridge University, a labor of love that took over 20 years.

What Ancient Greek Handwashing Can Teach Us about Socioeconomic Inequality

COVID-19 poses massive challenges nationally and globally when it comes to socio-economic inequality. It has hit the vaccine rollout especially hard, threatening new and potentially more lethal variants, while low-risk people are being vaccinated in rich countries well ahead...

The Magic of Recreating Ancient Greek Masterpieces

A workshop produces the only officially-certified replicas of ancient Greek masterpieces that are sold in museums and archaeological sites.