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Ancient Greek sculpture

Ten Stunning Masterpieces of Ancient Greek Art

There are countless masterpieces of Ancient Greek art scattered in museums around the world.

Eight Magnificent Ancient Greek Works of Art Found in Foreign Museums

The Parthenon Marbles are the most famous of all the Greek antiquities displayed in museums outside the country.

Why was the Venus de Milo Statue Discovered With No Arms?

The Venus de Milo, also known as the Aphrodite of Milos, is one of the most famous sculptures to have ever come out of ancient Greece. It is immediately recognizable by its missing arms -- one of the greatest...

The Lion of Kea: An Intriguing Enigma of Ancient Greece

The Lion of Kea, an Archaic-era sculpture seemingly growing out of the bedrock on the island of Kea in the Cyclades, poses one of the most puzzling mysteries from that era of ancient Greece. Who sculpted it, just there, outside...

The Greek Origins of Saint Mark’s Horses in Venice

Attributed to ancient Greek sculptor Lysippos, the exquisite bronze horses adorning the basilica of Saint Mark in Venice have their own fascinating story to tell.

Ancient Greek Lion from Piraeus Now Adorns Venice’s Arsenal

The story of the Ancient Greek Piraeus Lion, which is now in Venice, is one of several which are part of Greece's long history of ancient sculpted masterpieces -- and their subsequent looting, which has meant that many of...

Stunning Ancient Bronze Statues Discovered in Italy

History can never stay buried forever. Therefore, it is no surprise that the most recent excavations in Tuscany have revealed another stunning discovery. This time of two dozen Ancient Roman bronze statues in Tuscany. The sculptures depicting Hygieia, Apollo and...

Boston Museum of Fine Arts to Reopen Behrakis Wing in December

There will be free admission for all at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on December 18 as the Museum celebrates the reopening of the Behrakis Wing, housing several Ancient Greek and Roman galleries. The museum, which has important holdings...

Jasmine Hill, Alabama’s “Little Corner of Ancient Greece”, Shuts Down

Jasmine Hill, a 20-acre botanical garden and outdoor museum in Wetumpka, a town outside of Montgomery, Alabama, has closed. The gardens contained an extensive variety of classical Greek sculpture -- both original and replicas -- that depicted Olympic gods...