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Ancient Greek scientists

First Map of Known World Created by Ancient Greek Anaximander

The ancient Greek thinker Anaximander, who was born in the third year of the 42nd Olympiad, or 610 BC, and who lived until c. 546 BC, was a polymath, lending his prodigious talents to the realms of pre-Socratic Greek philosophy, geography,...

How Ancient Greeks Realized the Earth Is Round

Theories depicting the shape of the earth swirled in embryonic form in the minds of Ancient Greek thinkers. By Matthew Norman Many pre-Socratic Greek philosophers were wrong about the form of our planet. Thales – founder of the Milesian School of...

What Did Ancient Greeks Think About Snow?

In many parts of the world, winter is the season that brings snow. Although this type of weather is less common in Greece than in northern Europe, it does occur, primarily in the mountains. The ancient Greeks were certainly no...

Ptolemy’s Invention of the Astrolabe Measured Time and the Stars

The exact time, the positions to the stars and planets, and our exact location were known to ancient Greeks as well thanks to the astrolabe.