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Ancient Greek language

International Delphi Meetup in Ancient Greek and Latin

A meetup exclusively in Latin and ancient Greek language  took place at the Delphi Economic Forum 2022.

Decoding Linear A, the Writing System of the Ancient Minoans

Linear A, a writing system that was used by the ancient Minoans from 1800 to 1450 BC, has never been fully decrypted. Used in governmental and religious writings of the Minoan Civilization, the script has intrigued and frustrated experts for centuries. Now,...

Inscribed Gemstone, Plaque Show What Ancient Greek Sounded Like

Reading like the lyrics to a popular song or poem from modern times, two ancient Greek inscriptions in the form of rhyming poetry have prompted new insights into the way the language was spoken in those times. Ultimately, it is...

Greek Among Sexiest Languages in the World, Study Finds

According to new research conducted by the e-learning platform Preply, Greek is the fifth-sexiest language after Russian, French, Portuguese, and Italian. Italian was rated the sexiest of all the world's languages. In the study, the heart rates of participants from diverse...

Zuckerberg Uses Greek Word “Meta” to Rebrand Facebook

"Meta" is not only a Greek word that is overused in technology; it's now also the word chosen by Mark Zuckerberg, in his attempt to rebrand Facebook's bruised image. The word is used in speaking about internet data ("metadata")...

Cambridge University Creates Monumental New Ancient Greek Dictionary

A new Ancient Greek dictionary has been created by a team of experts from Cambridge University, a labor of love that took over 20 years.