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The statue of Greek Goddess Athena in Mexico’s Guadalajara

A modern-age bronze statue of the ancient Greek goddess Athena has become a symbol of the city of Guadalajara in western Mexico.

The Mysterious Minoan ‘Snake Goddess’ of Crete

Since the discovery of the so-called Minoan ‘Snake Goddesses,’ it has been debated whether British archaeologist Arthur Evans' ideas and overstatements about Minoan culture were right. Contemporary research focuses on whether there was polytheism in Minoan Crete and what...

Eirene, the Ancient Greek Goddess of Peace

Eirene, the ancient Greek Goddess of peace, is less well-known than the god of war, Ares, who in his Roman guise of Mars was an ubiquitous deity invoked by men who went to war. Perhaps this is an unfortunate reflection...

Priestesses Among Few Women Who Had Status, Power in Ancient Greece

Life for women in most city states of Ancient Greece, was very difficult but ancient Greek priestesses had powers that gave them high status.