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ancient Corinth

Bronze Age Settlement Found Under Roman Bath Complex at Corinth

A Bronze Age settlement and an elegant Roman bath complex were recently unearthed at the site of ancient Corinth. The excavation at Chiliomodi, Corinth not only confirmed the existence of the extensive nature of the Roman baths but also revealed...

Orpheus and Eurydice Free Admission Opera at Ancient Corinth

An 18th-century opera based on the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice will be presented at ancient Corinth on August 29.

Ancient Diolkos Stone Road Allowed Ships to Go From Ionian to Aegean

The Diolkos stone road, an ancient Greek engineering marvel, allowed ships to travel overland from the Ionian Sea to the Aegean, bypassing the Peloponnesian Peninsula. Like the Corinth Canal, which was finally constructed millennia later, it made passage around the...

The First Time All Greek People United Together

The League of Corinth was an initiative of King Philip II of Macedon to unite all Greek city-states against the Persian Achaemenid Empire

New Wildfires in Ancient Corinth, Central Evia, Ancient Olympia

New wildfires broke out in Ancient Corinth and Central Evia areas, while they continue to rage in ancient Olympia, as firefighters battle to contain the flames

Digital Archive Makes 3D Record of Ancient Greek Wonder (video)

Ancient Corinth is among the first endangered monuments to be preserved online as part of a digital archive of world civilization. Google Arts & Culture and non-profit company CyArk have worked together and created the world's largest three-dimensional digital archive...

Twin Kouroi of Tenea to be Hosted in Restored Hall of Ancient Corinth Museum

Two very important finds, the twin marble Kouroi of Tenea (statues of young males of the Archaic Period) that were found a few years ago in Klenia of Corinth will be displayed, for the...

18th International Cycling Tour to Take Place in Peloponnese, Greece

From May 16-20, the 18th International Cycling Tour of Greece will take place in Peloponnese. This event has a huge history and is of great national importance. People in charge of it, as well as cyclists, hope to make...