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Greeks Are Descendants of the Mycenaeans, DNA Study Confirms

DNA evidence suggests that living Greeks are indeed descendants of the ancient Mycenaeans, who ruled Greece from 1,600 BC to 1,200 BC.

The 20 Most Common Greek Last Names

If you're in a crowd in Greece and shout "Mr. Papadopoulos," the most common surname in Greece, chances are that at least one man will turn his head.

Discover Your Greek Ancestry at Virtual Genealogy Conference

The first International Greek Ancestry Conference, offered virtually on Youtube from January 29 to 31, promises to shed new light on the process of tracing your Greek roots through genealogical research. This fascinating, free event comes at the perfect time,...

Our Greek Responsibility and the Greek Lobby

Greeks traditionally have a deeply held love for the country of our ancestry. Whether it’s because of family, fond holidays or our admiration of its history and culture, our links to Greece are strong. However in recent times, these links...