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Greece in Top Three International Travel Destinations for Americans

Greece is in the top-3 travel destinations for Americans for 2022, a survey released by the United States Tour Operators Association shows

When Will Americans Be Allowed to Travel to Greece This Year?

Americans have been a major part of summer tourism in Greece. Although they may not make up the largest contingent of visitors, they spend more.

Summer 2020: The Death of the American Tourist in Greece?

The news, it seems, is rather bleak at this point for Americans planning to spend their holidays in Greece and the rest of Europe this summer, as the EU announced plans to gradually re-open travel --- but only between...

US Embassy Urges Americans in Greece to Request Extension of Visa-Free Status

The consular section of the US Embassy in Greece issued a statement on Friday urging American citizens who are currently in Greece to apply for an extension if they cannot leave the country due to the ban on certain...

The Naval Base at Souda, Crete: Strategic Asset or Source of Danger for Greece?

At a time when tensions between the United States and Iran are escalating dangerously, the strategic importance of Souda Naval Base on Crete is coming under the spotlight once again. Formally known as ''Naval Support Activity, Souda Bay,'' this facility, located...

Tourists in Greece Leave 100 Million in Tips

A new survey conducted by the travel website Tripadvisor has shown that tourists visiting Greece spend about 100 million euros per year in tips only. Employees in restaurants, bars, hotels, and other tourist services enjoy the benefits of tipping,...