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American Philhellenes

The American Slave Who Fought in the Greek War of Independence

Ayios Ioannis Church in Argos was the site of a commemoration of the life of notable former slave and American philhellene James Williams.

The Philhellenism Museum: A Tribute to Americans Who Fought for Greece

The Philhellenism Museum in Athens presents the evolution of philhellenism from the Renaissance to the present day with an emphasis on its contribution to the War of Independence. The Museum supports classical education and the evolution of humanity on the...

Philhellenes in Maine Devote Lives to Promoting Greece, Hellenism

Irwin Novak and Mary Snell, philhellenes who live near Portland, Maine, have devoted much of their lives to furthering the knowledge of, and appreciation for, their beloved Greece. From establishing The Hellenic Society of Maine (HSoM) to creating the "Sister...

Descendants of American Philhellenes Helped Greece Again in 1941

A historic discovery was made recently when a Greek immigrant who is a medical professor at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania happened upon a newspaper from 1941 which showed descendants of 1826 philhellenes stepping up to help Greece...

George Jarvis Commemorated for Role in Greek War of Independence

A churchyard in Argos, Mycenae was where the life of one of the most notable philhellenes, George Jarvis, was commemorated on July 27.