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Alexander Billinis

Did Greek Cotton Merchants Change the Course of the American Civil War?

The Confederates handed the Union a key victory on the “Cotton Front” before a shot was even fired in the American Civil War. However, without the agility of the Greek cotton merchants, the alternative supplies may not have been...

Greece’s Hydra Boasts the World’s Oldest Merchant Marine Academy

Rising from Hydra’s pier, there is a stately mansion housing the world’s oldest continuously operating merchant marine academy.

Hydra’s Wooden Ships on Their Journey Through History

The wooden ship tradition did not die out at Hydra. The Hydriots and other Greek islanders continued to hew large and small caiques as before

The Diakonia Center: America’s Mystras

With perhaps a bit of poetic license, The Metropolis of Atlanta’s Diakonia Center is, if not Mystras, then it is a Mystras-in-process.

Hydra’s Secret History and the Riddle of Its Name

  I remember growing up on Hydra every summer in the 1980s, leaving my Salt Lake City, Utah home, to go to our family home on my father’s native island in Greece. A history-obsessed youth (not much has changed) I found...