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Alexander Billinis

Hydra and the World’s Oldest Merchant Marine Academy

Rising, almost vertically from Hydra’s pier, there is a stately mansion housing the world’s oldest continuously operating merchant marine academy. Sailing and shipping, after all, is a knowledge business. For millennia Aegean islanders have plied the seas seeking the fortune...

Hydra’s Wooden Ships on Their Journey Through History

By Alexander Billinis The use for wood in navigation is older than civilization itself, as it is present in nature. A ride hitched on a fallen log begat the dugout canoe, and the rest is history. The Aegean islanders may have...

Hydra’s Secret History and the Riddle of Its Name

I remember growing up on Hydra every summer in the 1980s, leaving my Salt Lake City, Utah home, to go to our home on my father’s native island.